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The ultimate laser tag experience
2018 sellsheet SMG
Action packed immersive gaming experiences start with iCombat tactical laser tag equipment. Forget wired headbands, bulky weapons, cheap electronic sounds, black lights, glow-in-the-dark, and constant repairs. This isn’t your little brother’s laser tag. iCombat represents quality, state-of-the-art technology, and the ultimate experience. iCombat laser tag weapons are modeled after real-world components. Their size, form, and function are just like the real thing. This means your slings, sights, stocks, and other add-ons attach seamlessly. Pull the trigger for a live bang, recoil, and bright muzzle flash. Out of ammo? Drop the SmartMag and slam a new one home.
iCOMBAT ir SMG Laser Tag Gun
Realistic tactical laser tag equipment.
tac Fully immerse yourself in a combat zone with custom designed battlefields. Imagine running into battle at dusk to complete the mission as jets fly over head, explosions rattle your surroundings, and gunfire sounds around you!
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iCOMBAT Campbellfield venue Promo - irM4



iCombat Call of Duty Parody
Live scoring and player rankings with ICE Software.
UNLIMITED SCENARIOS AND TOTAL PLAYER TRACKING. The iCOMBAT Engine (ICE) is the only software on the market today that enables real-time player tracking and live internet rankings. Create player profiles and track stats automatically every time they play. Plus, the software allows up to 100 players to wirelessly connect for total game control and unlimited game options. Choose health, ammo, time, teams, respawn, and so much more. Learn more about ICE here.
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iCOMBAT Software Suite
Thrilling Missions

With tons of missions, your experience will never be the same. Some missions focus on team work, others on strategy, and some on individual domination. Here are some of the games you can play with the ICE Software

BlackHawkDown Borg DomesticThreat Domination Elimination Espionage HellsBells Infected JudgeDredd Juggernaut Medics MilitaryIntel Reaper Recon SafeCracker Sniper SupplyGrab Swat TeamDeathmatch Terminator Ubl WhackAMole
The Dominator
Expand your business with iCOMBAT
zombie ADD ZOMBIES AND MEDICS. The irHeadband brings much more to your laser tag games. Use it with or without a weapon system for zombies and/or medics! Zombie and medic modes enable players to give out damage or restore health when close to another player. Add Dominators and Respawn Pods for even more fun.The Wireless Target can be mounted around your battlefield for even more game options. Set up obstacle courses, shooting galleries, timed shoots, and more. The Wireless target is completely controlled through ICE.
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