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The ultimate tactical laser tag vest
Rush into the battlefield wearing the irVest, a full-scale MOLLE vest that houses all sensors for receiving iCOMBAT weapon shots. The MOLLE irVest allows attachment of your favorite pouches and add-ons, allowing unlimited tactical configurations. Bring all the magazines and gear you need into the firefight. The irVest is constructed of durable rip-stop nylon and meets industry standards in toughness. The irVest is the central component of the iCOMBAT system because it tracks all player data and communicates with the ICE software up to a mile away. All weapons and add-ons sync wirelessly to the vest for a hassle-free experience, except for the Barracuda (Pro), Eagle Eye, and Hero Blast. Those options coming soon.

The irVest is modeled after popular styles that both the police and military wear every day. Multiple illuminating sensors and audible beepers alert the players to hits. Plus, the irVest includes a velcro patch area for adding numbers, names, or other markings. Adult and kid sizes available. Tactical laser tag gaming just got an upgrade!.
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