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The right tools for law enforcement crisis management. Using technology to save lives, Law enforcement officers and federal agencies have been training with iCOMBAT weapon systems with great success. Advanced technologies and strong battlefield realism enable the most effective training possible. iCOMBAT also allows stress-based training with the StressX shocking belt. See our Professional website at for all you Military, Law Enforcement, Security and Government needs.
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Exercise Pantograph - iCOMBAT with NSW Police

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cert iCOMBAT certifications Dozens of additional private, federal, state, and local agencies and police departments have also used iCOMBAT for training. iCOMBAT is a scheduled GSA provider, a State Department registrant as a non-ITAR entity, and is ATF certified for non-weapons.
Stop wasting valuable time and money
pro 001 Imagine no more cleaning Costs are kept down as departments no longer have to buy blanks and protective gear. Clean up times are also eliminated so repetition sky rockets. Spend more time training rather than setting up, maintaining, tearing down, and cleaning your training environment.
Compromise no longer
pro 002 As real as it gets The iCOMBAT laser system is completely safe and allows realistic strategy and tactics in any environment. Muscle memory will not be reduced and movement will go unchanged. Don't let unnatural safety equipment slow you down or change your skill set. "When we use this type of system, we’re going to be able to get the most out of our training..." - C Jaekl, New Berlin, WI PD
Improving officer skill sets has never been easier
pro 003 State-of-the-art software When paired with the ICE software suite, all training data, officer stats, and scenarios are recorded and stored for tracking progress day after day. Departments can see who made what decisions and review to determine success or failure. Track your officer progress indefinitely.
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Law enforcement agencies around the world have been using iCOMBAT systems in a variety of training programs for years. Local, state, and federal departments require the efficiency that only iCOMBAT can provide.
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