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Software Updated Tuesday, January 5th, 2016: Barracks - 2.13 ICE 4.1.55
Published on Jan 06, 2016

A software update has arrived with some new features! Check out the details below.
Most of the updates that we made were small and help ro overall boost the performance of our software. However, we have also released our Corporate Dashboard feature which allows you to view a summary of all the Dashboard features simultaneously. This will allow you to monitor and access your dashboards with ease.

ICE-4.1.55(Tuesday, January 5, 2016)
irPistol - Added support for 785nm.
irPistol Gaming Edition - Can now enable extended magazine sizes through USB.

Barracks - 2.13 (Tuesday, January 5, 2016)
Email Manager - Improved load time.
Email Manager - Fixed a bug where queued date was not updating.
Email Manager - Fixed subject display on list.
Corporate Dashboard (New Feature) - Added a new dashboard as a general overview for all dashboards.
Marketing Dashboard - Added additional preset date filters to date drop down.
Marketing Dashboard - Improved speed.
Financial Dashboard - Improved speed.
Friend System - Fixed an issue that caused friend leaderboards to stop working.
Location Page - Added weekly "breakeven" value which is used by the corporate dashboard
Reservations - Disabled credit card fields when payment is not required.
Reservations - Fixed an issue that stopped managers from being able to reserve a free session.

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