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Software Update August 4th: Barracks 2.09, ICE 4.1.35
Published on Jul 29, 2015

A software update is coming Tuesday, August 4th with some new features! Check out the details below.

100 Health System - The health system on ALL iCOMBAT laser tag equipment and the iCOMBAT Engine (ICE) software has been renovated with the latest software update. Some set up may be required to properly run your style of games.

All equipment now utilizes a 100 point health system. This means that the number of hits it takes to eliminate a player depends on the damage settings adjusted in the Global Settings of ICE. The irM4 for example has a default damage setting of 50, meaning it will take 2 hits to eliminate a player with 100 health.

As long as your health-to-damage ratio is properly established, you can make changes without any problems. If you set the M4 damage to 1, and have player health at 5, it will take 5 hits to eliminate them. If you have your health set at 120, with guns doing 40 damage, it will take 3 hits to knock them out, and so on.

All missions have been converted to work with 100 Health. Weapon damages have been updated to work with this respectively. More updates will be coming to further support a 100 health based system.

Challenge System - This system allows for players to choose different difficulty levels on Tactical Missions, which allows for veteran players to give themselves a new challenge with bigger rewards! 3 Different Challenge Levels have been added - Veteran, Elite and Legendary that unlock at levels 5, 10, and 20 respectively. The system must be turned on to access it under your session type.

Barracks - 2.09 (Tuesday, August 4th)

Challenge System (New Feature) - Allows players to select a difficulty mode (Normal, Veteran- Level 5+, Elite - Level 10+, and Legendary - Level 20+).

Challenge System (New Feature) - Each level "nerfs" a player (For example - blue mode, half health, half damage), but offers the player an experience bonus (Veteran - 150%, Elite - 200%, Legendary - 250%).

Challenge System (New Feature) - Each mode unlocks based on the player’s level.

Challenge System (New Feature) - Does not allow players to join groups.

Challenge System (New Feature) - Added toggle to Enable/Disable Challenge System (Off by default) to Session Types.

Orders (New Feature) - An order is basically a shopping cart that allows payment via 1 to many transactions.

Orders (New Feature) - The order list has replaced the transaction list. An order will show a list of transactions.

Orders (New Feature) - This is basically phase 1. In future releases you will have the ability to run partial transactions.

Leaderboard - Added maximize button for Hero Nation

Achievements - Created achievements for Infected, Terminator and Jail Break.

On screen receipt - Updated to show order information

European Support - Added support for different phone number lengths

European Support - Added support for special characters.

European Support - Added language translations for German and Spanish (In Progress)

Friend Notifications - Added location name to notification

Sessions - When creating/editting sessions, the view calendar button now returns to the date of the session you were modifying
ICE - 4.1.35 (Tuesday, August 4th)

Tactical Missions - All missions moved over to a 100 health based system.

Tactical Missions - By default, irM4 and irPistol will shoot 50 damage.

Ranked Matches - Improved player skill calculation to assist auto assignment.

Armory - Added device information look up. Mileage, build date, etc.

European Support - Added language translations for German and Spanish (Not complete)

New Mission - Infected

New Mission - Terminator

New Mission - Jail Break

Hero Blast - Can now be resynced during a live match

Hero Blast - Added New Audio Version - Machine Gun on Commando no longer sounds like a real gun

IrVest - Fixed a bug with RRL and RRH sensors not lighting up properly. (Will NEED update)

RespawnPod - irBandolier and HeroBlast will now have an easier time respawning (Will NEED update)

StressX - Can now sync to an irBandolier

Global Settings - Damage Settings are now saved and restored upon opening ICE

Global Settings - Added a Damage Reset button to restore default

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