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Green Bay, WI Police Train With iCOMBAT
Published on Sep 30, 2013

Several area police and law enforcement teams trained with iCOMBAT systems over a period of 2 weeks in an effort to prepare for active shooters in a variety of scenarios. The officers took advantage of an abandoned industrial office and the safe, effective iCOMBAT system for unmatched training and realism. 

Brown County police departments are spending 2 months training, which includes both classroom and field time, to better prepare for active shooters. In wake of the Washington DC tragedy and recent school shootings, officers are rising to meet the challenge should it happen in their jurisdiction. iCOMBAT provided several rifles, pistols, and other accessories to meet the realism needs of the training and allow them to train safely in the chosen environments. You can watch the following news clips for more information. 

NBC 26

We Are Greenbay

Green Bay Press Gazette

ABC 2 (link location changed)

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