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Take Advantage of the Zombie Craze this Halloween
Published on Sep 09, 2013

Zombie themed events and games are the rage this season, and they have been gaining steam for some time. More and more iCOMBAT users have incorporated some type of zombie event into their offerings, particularly in September and October. This is a popular, money-making attraction due to the popularity of zombie video games, movies, and news stories.

A laser tag facility or business can bring zombies to their customers in several ways. Check out these great videos of current facilities:

Indoor Extreme Sports (formerly NYPaintball): Goal is to make it out of the Asylum alive. Live zombie actors try to catch you in this Resident Evil themed arena.

Hell Survivors: Shooting gallery. People pay to step into the shooting booth. They have 2 minutes to shoot as many zombies as possible. Highest score wins a prize. Fancy lighting and music in a spooky setting make this a great option outside of head-to-head games.

You can also do a zombie hunt, where zombies are roaming throughout the woods or corn maze and players must hunt them. Fastest time to get them all wins. The zombies can fight back too if you would like. Have players wear a flag from their pants (think flag football). Zombies can get shot and slow down per the rules, but it's possible they can still move and get close. If they grab your flag, you are out or infected.

Grab some volunteers and start turning them into zombies. The more realistic you make the experience, the better chance of having repeat/more customers. If you have a haunted house, turn it into a zombie infestation and challenge your players to get out alive. If they shoot a zombie, the zombie has to stop for 5 seconds. If they get touched by a zombie, they are dead!

You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a zombie event work. To promote it, simply run an ad in the newspaper or spread the word online! Most towns have a "current happenings" board (on or off-line), so be sure to post your event on that. You can even do a brochure mailing to the community.

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