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Batteries: What Works Best?
Published on Sep 09, 2013

To begin, iCOMBAT units (Eagle Eye and Barracuda) all require four size AA 1.5V batteries to operate. Anything other than that, and performance may vary. All units require batteries and are not supplied with a rechargeable battery system. We chose to use a replaceable battery method in our units to make getting dead units back up and running faster, especially if you are running games in a remote location or charging time is not a luxury you have. Also, keep in mind that no matter which battery system/brand/voltage you use, make sure all four batteries in the unit are the same type. Mixing Lithium Ion with Alkaline batteries and so on is not a good idea.

With a full set up using brand new brand name batteries, one can expect up to 30,000 shots or up to 36 hours of stand-by time. There is a big difference between store name batteries and brand names such as Duracell or Energizer. We suggest using either of those two.

For budget conscious users, buying new batteries all the time is not always feasible. In that case, we recommend using rechargeable batteries. Keep in mind that most rechargeable batteries operate on 1.2V. This means battery life and power might not be sufficient in Predator Games units. That said, many fields and businesses using Predator units and 1.2V rechargeables have good results and no problems. It doesn't matter which you choose to go with.

Recommendations for rechargeable systems can be found at We suggest these (1.6V).You always want to research which is best, as different types of batteries have different life times and recharge counts. You will also want a rapid charger to get them up and running. Make sure any charger you purchase allows trickle charging or has a stop on it, so fully charged batteries are not damaged if left sitting in the charger for long periods of time. We recommend this one or this oneAgain, make sure any charger you purchase is compatible with your battery type (NiMH, Lithium Ion, etc) and is able to charge up to the full mAh (milli-amp hours, or battery capacity).

Remember, when switching to a new battery system or type, always purchase a few for testing before replacing your entire fleet. Try playing with the unit until the batteries die too, to get an idea of when you will have to swap them. Having two sets for each unit is ideal, so that one set is charging while the other is in use.

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