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iCOMBAT Gear Now CE Certified
Published on Sep 07, 2013

The complete line of tactical training equipment from iCOMBAT is now CE certified. CE certification, or European Conformity, is the European Union’s approval of consumer products. This is similar to the FCC in the United States. This certification allows all iCOMBAT systems to be more easily sold and used throughout Europe and other places in the world.

In addition to the CE certification, iCOMBAT equipment is categorized as a non-ITAR product and non-gun by the ATF. The combination of these certifications allows iCOMBAT to grow very easily around the world and provides peace of mind to business owners and other buyers.

“We are pleased to add CE certification to our products,” states Eric Kopier, Quality Assurance Manager for iCOMBAT. “The marking will enable further development in Europe and is another testament to the quality of our products.”

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