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iCOMBAT Systems Classified as non-ITAR
Published on Sep 07, 2013

The iCOMBAT line of products from Universal Electronics Inc has secured a full NON-ITAR classification from the federal government of the United States. ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) is the set of rules by which firearms, firearm parts, and other weapons or accessories can be exported and transported around the world. Goods falling under the ITAR classification have restrictions that make exporting them difficult if not impossible. With iCOMBAT systems not being under ITAR jurisdiction, they can easily be sold and shipped around the world, with the exception of the Department of State’s restricted list (Iran, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, and Sudan).

The iCOMBAT system was able to secure this type of classification because it was not designed as a firearm and cannot ever be converted into one. Although it accepts most firearm accessories, none of those add-ons would allow the system to fire any type of projectile, much less a bullet. This will allow iCOMBAT to sell the system (irM4 in particular) to clients throughout the United States and around the world without issue, an advantage over competitors who make similar systems using actual firearms.

“This classification is a key milestone in the growth of iCOMBAT,” states Ocie Mathenia, a Product Manager for iCOMBAT. “It allows us to move product faster than ever before to our rapidly growing customer base around the world.”

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