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Meet Our Newest Addition To The GEN 3 Family!
iCOMBAT now provides a fantastic tool for the traditional laser tag market. Introducing the Invictus. A sturdy and sleek design that takes into account the most requested features for use in black light indoor arenas.

Multicolored LEDs - each LED is individually controlled to allow for ultimate customization, you can set them to flash, dim, or go bright. It also has multiple color options such as blue, red, green, and more! You can control the 10 stage health bar so that every time a player gets shot it will count down for them until they are out of lights and dead.


Red Dot Aiming Laser - Visible red dot aiming laser actioned by two stage trigger. The first stage turns on the red dot laser to know what you are aiming at and the second fires the phaser

Flashlight Function - Optional dual flashlight functions for low light conditions or younger audiences. It can be turned on and off through the gun or remotely by the operator. This can also add new gameplay ideas with having to find each other using flashlights.

Full-color Touchscreen - Each phaser is equipped with a full-color LCD touchscreen for display and controls. It allows for quick control and gameplay feedback. Your players can then choose their own character and role on the screen from four different options such as a Titan or Medic.


Stereo Speakers - One of the best speakers on the market. Including two 2 watt speakers featuring high quality sound and volume to make the most of your experience.

Swappable Batteries - With a hot swap battery pack they can be swapped in and out very easily using a special tool. Charging system is separate so you will never have to worry about your units being down for charging.

Sync Options - The new sensor sling comfortably provides sensors around the torso on a lightweight bandoleer which is wired right to the phaser itself to help prevent accidental drops. You also have the option to use one of our vests to connect to the phaser wirelessly.

The Invictus can also be used outdoors and in stand-alone function without additional sensors or software. A true workhorse that is flexible enough to meet the needs of any laser tag facility and will keep players of all ages coming back for more!


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