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Published on Aug 08, 2014

On Tuesday August 12th, a new software update from iCOMBAT for the iCOMBAT Engine is releasing. This new update brings a number of changes, updates, and fixes. Be sure to connect your computer to the internet before opening the iCE software. The updates will automatically install.
Published on Aug 04, 2014

A new update to the iCOMBAT Barracks has been released, completely revamping the site. The iCOMBAT Barracks is where players can check their stats, make reservations, and see the leaderboards. 
Published on May 08, 2014

iCOMBAT, manufacturers of the latest technology in projectile-less training weapons, has recently supplied the Urban Shield training event with equipment for several exercises. This Urban Shield event took place in Boston on May 3rd and featured over 2,000 emergency responders including police, SWAT, EMT, fire, and hospital staff
Published on Mar 10, 2014

The Dominator laser tag gaming objective is now available from iCOMBAT. Available to licensees only, the Dominator works with the iCOMBAT Engine software to add a new dimension to your games. The dominator can be configured to act in a variety of ways and is activated when a player shoots it down the top. It is the only objective in the industry that integrates with scoring software, meaning teams and players will get points and achievements for shooting the prop.
 iCOMBAT, the world-wide leader in tactical laser tag, has been granted an official United States Patent for a removable/non-removable Smart Magazine used in Simulated Weapons.
Published on Feb 19, 2014

A major update for the iCOMBAT Engine (iCE) is releasing February 24th. The update features a new look with the same easy to use interface you love. Simply connect to the internet and launch iCE to automatically update. We recommend ensuring your equipment is all on the latest version as well prior to gaming.
Published on Nov 04, 2013

iCOMBAT Tactical Laser Tag, the world’s most realistic and advanced laser tag equipment, was recently used by Urban Shield and purchased by the State Department and will be featured at the world’s largest entertainment and attractions show, IAAPA (International Attractions and Amusement Parks Association).
Published on Oct 22, 2013

Urban Shield, a massive police training event in the San Francisco bay area, is using iCOMBAT equipment for a number of exercises. The event, which runs from Oct 25 through 28th, brings in police teams from around the globe to train in 8 different events. 
Published on Oct 16, 2013

The iCOMBAT Engine (iCE) has been updated to version 2.10. New features, bug fixes, and modes are now available. To update, simply launch iCE while connected to the internet. The program will be updated automatically. IMPORTANT: All equipment must be updated with this update!
Published on Sep 30, 2013

Several local ROTC divisions visited iCOMBAT Waukesha for a day of training. ROTC command brought their MS3's (senior cadets) through to assess their skills and prepare them for the future. These recruits worked on basic skills and team work, and took advantage of the realism iCOMBAT has to offer. 
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