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Experience the next generation in laser tag
The Sub Machine Gun option is the first of it’s family from iCOMBAT including the GEN3 Core system. Our newest line of products will have virtually seamless compatibility with all of our other products new and old. This laser tag gun is packed with new features and is our most genuine and advanced weapon yet. The irSMG offers the most realistic and fun adventure in laser today.

+ GEN3 Core - Universal link compatibility.
+ AmmoCharge - Quick Change batteries + ammo system.
+ BlastCoil - CO2 free realistic recoil.
+ Smash Audio - Built-in speaker system.
+ StageFire - 2 phase trigger system.
+ TruFrame - Authentic realistic firearm design.
+ American Made - Manufactured & tested by USA’s finest.
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iCOMBAT ir SMG Laser Tag Gun
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