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Hero Blast is a revolutionary non-gun laser tag device for all ages. The Hero Blast is the industry’s first and most feature packed non-gun laser tag system and a recent addition to the Australian laser tag equipment market. Players can strap the unit onto their wrist, quickly set up a game, and battle like a superhero anywhere. The non-gun design of the Hero Blast allows it to be used in public places, schools, and anywhere else where a laser tag “gun” cannot be used.
Watch the trailer below to see the Hero Blast in action!
Hero Blast is a revolutionary new non-gun laser tag system designed for the entertainment market. The Hero Blast allows quick and easy gaming anywhere. Take advantage of incredible features such as gesture based controls, touch screen controls, advanced laser optics, and so much more! The software comes ready to rock and you can start playing in seconds. The Hero Blast works stand-alone without the ICE software or you can run the ICE software for extended gameplay features. Hero Blast comes loaded with five languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese).
  • Very simple set-up wizard
  • Multiple language support (English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese)
  • Variety of high quality engaging sound themes
  • Pre-defined color-based teams
  • Easy to join and leave games in progress Stand-alone or ICE game control (Teams, Free-for-All, Domination)
  • Player classes with specific actions (Commando, Titan, Medic)
  • One-size fits all design
  • All-in-one: both transmits and receives hits
  • Very durable and water resistant
  • Modular design for easy service
  • USB programming and re-charging
  • Light Weight (1il 15 oz))
touch screen
Using the bright backlit built in colour touch screen, players can choose player type, reload or activate the shield.
The iCOMBAT Engine (ICE) brings your laser tag games to life. Of course you could use the simple stand-alone Hero2Hero mode, which is jammed with features and allows quick and easy mobile gaming, but with ICE a single operator can control every aspect of the game. ICE also helps manage your facility marketing, membership, registration, armory, finances, and more. ICE requires the CCM to run games. ICE is available in 3 versions, from a FREE version to the licensed Professional and Ranked versions each with different features.
Hero2Hero Mobile inbuilt Software
turn on and play
Hero Blast can easily be set up to run games without the need for any vests, headbands, or computer software. The unit has modes and sensors built in, so game play is fast and easy. FREE FOR ALL and TEAM games run unlimited. They are designed for perpetual game play where players can join and quit whenever they like. To set time limits and other game rules, download and install the ICE software for complete game control through your PC. DOMINATION has a 5 minute timer in Hero2Hero mode and requires PROFESSIONAL or RANKED software license to be used via ICE. Users of the FREE version of ICE can enjoy NON DOMINATION extended game play features just by adding a CCM.
software touch screen
on Step 1
Power on the unit by pressing and holding the main trigger button for a few moments. The colour touch screen will come to life signifying power on status.
play Step 2
Press "Play" to choose a game type.
game type Step 3
Press the game type you wish to play choose.
Game Types
Free-For-All: An unlimited game where everyone battles for themselves.
Team: An unlimited game where players are on teams based on their unit setup.
Domination: A game where players must shoot the Dominator prop for points.
choose Step 4
You’ll have a moment to choose your player class before the game begins (5 seconds). Each player class has a main blaster as well as a unique special ability activated by pressing the secondary trigger button.
Player Classes
TITAN: Has a mega blast that instantly eliminates when fired at full charge. Hold the secondary button to charge and release when ready.
COMMANDO: Uses a rapid fire blaster to spray the battlefield with destruction.
MEDIC: Can heal teammates or other players who are low on health.Please note: You can change player classes each time you’re eliminated. You can also press the player name in the top left of the screen to self destruct and choose a new class.
player Step 5
You can see how much ammo, health, and game time you currently have on the game screen. You can press the Shield button for a brief period of invincibility. Pressing the ammo button will reload your main blaster.
game summary Step 6
End the game by pressing and holding both trigger buttons until the Game Summary screen appears. Here you can view your score and statistics.
ICE Software
Play unlimited unranked matches without having an iCOMBAT License. Matches are fully customizable and controllable. Operators can set up the rules and control games. Each player can be controlled during the match for ultimate flexibility. The iCOMBAT Engine (ICE) features a live scoreboard so players and observers alike can see player stats, who's alive and eliminated, and more. Unranked games are a quick and easy way to play iCOMBAT and provide operators with an easy way to control all matches.
ice screen
Set up your teams, health, ammo, time, respawn rules, and you're off! The iCOMBAT Engine provides features and functions not found anywhere else. DOMINATION pods work in Hero2Hero mode and requires PROFESSIONAL or RANKED software license to be used via ICE.

industry leading software
Hero Nation allows laser tag operators to manage players, financial data, marketing communications, and so much more. Players can also set up a profile and view their statistics online from anywhere.
  • Track memberships and player information.
  • Manage nancials and monitor trends.
  • Marketing suite for newsletters, coupons, etc.
  • Automated emails and communications.
  • Online reservations and payments.
  • Several license levels to meet your needs Adjust pricing and session availability.
  • Set up and store electronic waivers.
  • Monitor operations and session data.
  • Create and manage proiles from anywhere.
  • Track all stats and earn achievements.
  • Make reservations and pay before you play.
  • View previous match scoring Complete rankings and leaderboards.
irHeadband irHeadband
Laser tag's first wireless headband.
Add more receiving sensors to your body with the irHeadband. This wireless, adjustable headband includes four additional sensors and a beeper to guarantee effective head shots. It can be worn with or without a Vest, which provides operators with many more game options. Additional features include wireless syncing to your Hero Blast or Vest, adjustable sizing, durable all-weather construction, quick sync, and more! The irHeadband is a great addition for more game options.
Available in 6 colours
vests Hero Vest
Unleash Your Inner Hero.
Hero Vest is designed for younger Hero Blast players. Features include velcro elastic straps on the side for easy sizing and comfort. The Hero Vest has fource sensors built in - three on the front and one in the back (built into control box). It comes in four colors, and has cape attachments on the shoulders. Cape is included! Hero Vest is easy to wipe down and clean and is made of extremely tough cordura.
Available in 4 colours 
 band Bandoleer
Laser tag's simplest wireless sensor.
The Bandoleer is an alternative to the Hero Vest and allows users to add more sensors to his or her body. It can be worn with or without a headband and you can easily sync a Hero Blast to it. The Bandoleer quickly slips onto your shoulder and can be adjusted for most sizes. You’ll notice long battery life, easy cleaning, with supreme quality and durability.

Fully Integrated Objectives.
The Dominator brings an entirely new dimension to laser tag gaming. Unlike past or current Domination props, the Dominator syncs seamlessly with the iCOMBAT Engine software (ICE) for complete customization. The prop can be used and controlled in an unlimited amount of games. Players shoot down the center to activate the Dominator, which will change to their team color. ICE will recognize which player and team activated the device and award scoring and achievements accordingly.

You can sync multiple Dominators to the ICE software for a variety of awesome games. The software will recognize how many devices are synced and the score will show on the game screen. In Domination mode, teams are awarded .5 points every second for each device they control - meaning three captured Dominators will yield 1.5 points per second. The ultimate laser tag prop has arrived.


Respawn Pod
Get Back Into The Game.
The Respawn Pod enables quick and easy respawns so players can get back into the game faster than ever before. The device illuminates in the color of the team, set by ICE, and allows multiple players to respawn at once. The signal is sent out in a 360 degree radius when the button is pushed, and works 5-10 feet away.

Featuring long lasting rechargeable batteries with a constant power option, mounting brackets, and bright colored LED's, the Respawn pod is a durable device ideal for any iCOMBAT laser tag field. It wirelessly syncs to the CCM server and works with all iCOMBAT systems.


Wireless Target
Add no-hassle target games.
The wireless target from iCOMBAT is a quick and easy way to add target games to your laser tag operation. The targets sync seamlessly with the iCOMBAT Engine (ICE) software the same way as the other gear does. The wireless target is the same size as the irHeadband control box, making it extremely portable. It lights up and beeps when you shoot it, and it can be used in stand-a-lone mode for basic target shooting, or with ICE for advanced target games.

The wireless target comes with a mounting bracket that clips easily onto the back, allowing you to place it anywhere. It also has loops on the side for further mounting options. The target has a long lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery for hours and hours of continuous use, or can be plugged in for constant power.


CCM Server
Wirelessly connect everything to ICE.
The CCM (Command Center Module) is used in conjunction with the ICE software to wirelessly connect and control every Hero Blast, headband, vest, and peripheral device. The CCM features a strong antenna that is able to connect up to 100 devices up to a mile away.

This gives a central operator complete control over every item in the field. The ICE software allows the operator to see what is happening and quickly run games. The CCM server connects to your computer via USB and only one is required per facility.

Several antenna booster options are available for those in larger playing areas.

Offer a non-gun easy-to-use laser tag option that is safe and fun for anyone, anywhere! Don't let traditional 'gun' based laser tag systems hold you back, increase your market to the areas that are 'gun' sensitive and to the people and places who want a non-gun option! Kids and adults love the Hero Blast.
market header
Hero Blast is great for: • New Mobile Laser Tag Businesses • Sports Centres • Campgrounds • Party Rental • Skate Rinks • Entertainment Centers • Schools • Church Events • Bowling Alleys • Charity Events • Laser Tag Centers • Mobile Game Trucks • Paintball Parks • DayCare Centers • Arcades • Summer Camps • Theme Parks and many other places!
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