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The Barracuda provides a hassle-free and exciting way to play laser tag anywhere! Experience complete gameplay with all options built into the unit. Customize your player name, view game stats, set up custom games, enable teams and respawn, set time and ammo, and so much more. Plus, QuickPlay mode lets you turn on the unit and start playing right away. This is ideal for simple laser tag parties and younger audiences. ALthough not required, you can easily upgrade to the irHeadband for added coverage. The LCD screen shows players everything they need to know.

The Barracuda is very popular with and ideal for rental centers, FEC's, campgrounds, roller skating rinks, mobile gaming trucks, paintball fields, and more. It works indoors and outdoors, features long lasting battery life, and is compatible with all other iCOMBAT systems. The Barracuda can also connect to the ICE software, providing an unlimited amount of additional games. With over 500 businesses around the world using the Barracuda, it has proved to be extremely durable and very fun for a wide range of audiences.
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Barracuda Durability Test
Power Rangers Laser Tag - ID10T Fest 2017
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